As an e-commerce training institution
We have a simple website building system that can help merchants get started quickly, making training more valuable.
As a marketing company
Our system can help factories to quickly create their own websites, which are easy to operate and have a good conversion rate, allowing us to focus on helping factories increase orders.
We are Acquiring/Supply Chain
We want a set of our own acquiring and distribution system for some marketing experts.
I am doing SAAS website building
We want to create a brand new SAAS website building brand, establish our own private domain users, and improve the stickiness of our services.
I am selling goods in many stores
We want a system that can build websites by ourselves to test popular models. The system should be simple and easy to use, the products can be uploaded quickly, and the charges are reasonable and affordable.
  • Build Your Own Platform

    It supports naming the system to make your own SAAS brands platform.

    Supports independent deployment and naming key components, and each one is not related to another.
    Provides official websites with brands & platform, solving marketing and paths for brands.
    Owns management system to view operations, data analysis, and other datas of the platforms/stores.
  • Low-cost Operation

    It's not necessary to recruit professional programmer, operation and maintenance technology, front-end engineer, etc., but also to create a system of ten-million-level.

    Quickly launch with low cost, saving tens of millions on research & development, annual time, and traffic server costs.
    50+ technical team to solve troubles such as code server maintenance
    Ten-billion-level technical architecture to ensure worry-free, no matter how large the traffic & how many orders.
  • Stable & Secure

    Based on the SAAS model + cloud computing + same global acceleration as Shopify, a stable platform with ten-million-level is borned.

    Load balancing, disaster off-site backup, etc., which allow you to operate easily and safely.
    DDOS attack, CC attack and other protection functions to ensure the stable operation of the back-end server.
    There are more than 10,000 nodes for acceleration in 270+ cities of 100+ countries worldwide.
  • Technology & Service

    We continue to invest in product innovation, iterative upgrades, service docking, etc., and synchronize them to all users.

    Sharing applications, store themes, official payment interfaces, etc.
    Supporting custom development of applications, themes, interfaces and other services.
    Sharing marketing, supply chain, payment, software and other ecological resources.

Start Overseas Business

No matter what kind of customers your products are aimed at and where products are sold to, from "store" merchants, online global market transactions, social medias, to point-to-point personal marketing, we can help you realize them one by one.

  • Years' Technology

    14 years+
  • 用户

    4 million +
  • Countries Covered

  • Annual GMV

    50 million+
Subsidiary information optimization for different countries
Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-payment
Support Smart Payment Button
  • Cloud data center: Alibaba Cloud/ Amazon Cloud

  • Cluster system structure, 7*24 operation and maintenance monitoring

  • Global network acceleration with 1s open speed

  • Regular hot and cold backups to ensure data security

  • Image program separation,page caching technology

  • Support isolated deployment, API data docking

Free Exquisite Themes

Popular Themes for Different Industries| The Best Access Speed |Support for Customization/Secondary Development/Training Services

Various Applications for High-level Business Needs

After-sales/usage guarantee|Open API interface|Apps including marketing/orders/efficiency improvement/revenue increase

Help The Rise of Global E-commerce Brands

7-day free trial, unlimited store opening, and exclusive multi-store solution

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Company address: Xiamen. Chengdu. Shenzhen. Zhangzhou

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