Ecological Strategic Partnership

As a leading domestic SAAS company, Zhongheng is willing to establish in-depth cooperation with premium enterprises to jointly provide high-quality products to merchants.

Marketing Partners

Traffic is the core for online stores. We strive to cooperate with major traffic channels to help merchants increase sales rapidly.
  • Facebook agent account opening yinolink
  • Overseas influencer marketing socialbook
  • mopubi
  • luban

Payment Partners

Find an official and credible payment service providers via shoppers' payment situations to help merchants solve the payment receipt issues.

Software Partners

Open access to main cross-border e-commerce softwares in the market to help merchants make a complete system.

Media Partners

We are committed to the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry, and continue to collaborate with major media platforms to share more information and services.

Contact email:

Company address: Xiamen. Chengdu. Shenzhen. Zhangzhou

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